Another avenue of Kate’s work is teaching workshops and speaking at conferences. In these venues, participants are allowed the space to deepen into the work—opening the heart while experiencing the music and meditation in a safe place.

Representative Workshops

Canary in the Mine: Peace as a Healing Paradigm
Vipassana retreats
Healing and Creativity
Mmmm…Music, Massage, Movement, Meditation
The Sensational Journey through the Body
Preparing to Live, Preparing to Die
Sound Healing
Reclaiming the Body


National Spirituality and Social Work Conference
National Conference on Women and Addictions
US Journal Conferences for Adult Children of Alcoholics
National Women’s Recovery Roundup
AWARE Symposiums on Women and Addictions
Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
She Changes Everything She Touches…A Women’s Conference

Concerts and Workshops

City of Austin, Austin Arts Commission
Texas Lutheran College
University of North Texas Health Science Center, Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Charter Hospital of Austin
CPC Oakbend Hospital
Austin State Hospital
University of Portland
The Way Back, Portland, Oregon
Formerly Battered Women’s Task Force
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
AIDS Walk, Austin, Texas
Texas NOW Conference
Lone Star Women’s Music Festival
Springbrook Northwest, Newberg, Oregon
DePaul Treatment Center, Portland, Oregon
House Concerts

To request or create a workshop, please contact me.

Weddings and Holy Unions

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