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Naked Love © 2003, Kate McLennan, mc2 productions.
This is a “Kate unplugged,” raw, representation of the healing journey recorded at intervals throughout her dance with leukemia. From Whirlwind—the story of that bolt from the blue, to Naked Love—the saga of losing her hair and its transformative power, to Spirit Calls—where she answers the question, “what’s it like to die?” and ultimately, the call to sing. Fourteen original songs including love songs to Kate’s family in gratitude for the deep healing the cancer brought to them. Available only on CD.

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About the Healing © 1994, Kate McLennan and Ruth Huber, Crystal & Ivory Productions.
Fourteen original songs by Kate McLennan and Ruth Huber including Golden City, Lady in a Parade, Made a Decision, Wild Child, and others. Available on CD and cassette.


Trailblazers © 1989, Kate McLennan and Ruth Huber, Crystal & Ivory Productions.
Ten original songs by Ruth and Kate including Body, Expect a Miracle, I am Innocent, and others. Available only on cassette.



Canary in the Mine: The Way of the Singer/Songwriter as Mystic, Artist & Prophet. © 2003, Kate McLennan, mc2 productions.
A one woman multi-media presentation about Kate’s dance with leukemia and near death experience. Includes story, original music, poetry, dance and photography. 1 hr. 20 min. Available on video and DVD.

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