Rev. Dr. Kate McLennan

Kate at Portland Insight Meditation Community

Graduation with Matthew Fox

Kate with dharma teacher, Robert Beatty

Sharon and Kate with dharma grandmother, Ruth Denison


University of Creation Spirituality, 2004


MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks Staff, 2005

Rev. Troy Perry, founder of MCC denomination and Kate

Kate in clergy collar (MCC years)

Kate with MCC Family

Rev. Dr. Church Lady!

Ecumenical Weaving 2004

©1994, Owen Carey

Chameleon's Coffee House, Austin, Texas, 1980's

Kate and Ruth, Cultural Festival,
San Marcos, Texas

©2003, Brenda Ladd

Photo by Lina Castellanos

Ruth and Kate, Trailblazer era
Photo by Lina Castellanos

Halloween at the Cosmic Coffeehouse
and Transcendental Tearoom

©2003, Brenda Ladd

On the beach in Seattle

©1994, Owen Carey

Pre-leukemia days in Portland, Oregon

©2003, Brenda Ladd

"My People"

Peter Madison and Kate, early 80's

Weddings and Holy Unions

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