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A Soulful Approach to Life and Art As Spiritual Practice

Part spiritual memoir, part instruction manual—wholly dance steps for the soul’s growing edge.

As author Rev. Dr. Kate McLennan eloquently states: “Spirituality isn’t the same thing as religion. It’s about deepening our connection with Spirit, and growing into our full potential. Spirituality is about awakening to live fully in the moment.” And awakening to life’s sumptuous and messy fullness is Kate’s destiny after a bout with cancer, a near death experience, and the struggles and gifts inherent in returning to tell the story.

The Messy Buddha spotlights Rev. Dr. Kate McLennan’s journey to awaken and find meaning while dancing on her soul’s growing edge. To dare to dance on the soul’s growing edge is to risk falling into the abyss—trusting that we will fly. To dance on the edge is to leave our safety zones and discover our true potential.

Weaving insight, music, enlightening realizations, and spiritual guidance, Kate’s inspiring story awakens us to live our own questions in the intrepid journey toward our inner spaces. She empowers us to deepen into our own revelations in this celebration of life.

Explore meditation, body prayer, and creativity as you awaken with The Messy Buddha. Discover the way of the mystic, artist, and prophet in this 201-page retreat in skillful living. Evolve into a peaceful, spiritual warrior. Experience a soulful approach to life and art as spiritual practice.

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Kate is the tall "Wild Child." She's joined by her equally wild little brother Mike. Hmmm ... that girl's been dancing on the edge a long time.



"Wanted my story to be Naked Love,a Godiva-like sensual thing.

Story changed to a dance with cancer,

and a bald woman longing to sing."




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